With Novarc's ArcHood™, welders can now avoid the arc, excessive heat, and carcinogenic fumes.


Welders are faced with many health hazards on a daily basis due to the nature of welding. With Novarc’s ArcHood, welders can avoid the arc, the source of UV, heat, and fumes while working with any mechanized pipe or vessel welding equipment.  

ArcHood™ is Novarc’s patent-pending welding hood designed for fabrication shops and mechanical contractors. Operators can easily and safely attach the ArcHood™ to fume extraction arm and move it in place to surround the welding torch. The ArcHood is designed to minimize the exposure to welding sparks, carcinogenic fumes, excessive heat, and UV light. In addition, welders and operators can ensure shielding gas is protected from wind or gust in the shop while controlling the amount of outflow to maintain adequate shielding gas coverage.  


Eliminates the need for welding helmets while working with mechanized welding equipment. Operators and welders can easily view the arc through the auto-darkening window on the front of the ArcHood™.


Frees up fab shops space by eliminating the need to control the arc light using welding screens.


Lowers the chance of weld porosity by providing protection against wind and gust and allowing operators to control the air flow using a manual louver.

Technical Specifications

  • Includes external heat shields for safer handling of the ArcHood™ immediately after welding
  • Usable with pipes of up to 24” (61 cm) in diameter
  • Includes a high temperature carbon fiber fabric skirt that is able to withstand temperatures of 425 °C (797 °F), creates a pliable barrier against the pipe, and protects operators from arc flash and weld spatter
  • Magnetic attachment method allows for rapid removal when the fume extractor is needed elsewhere
  • Uses one industry standard 4.​5” x 5.​25” (114.​3 x 133.​3 mm) auto darkening lens with clear filter, and a 2” x 4.​25” (50.810​8 mm) shade 12 dark lens with clear filter for live weld viewing
  • Weight: 2.​5 kg (5.​51 lbs)
  • Material: 14 gauge 5052-H32 Aluminum sheet metal
  • Overall Dimensions: 365 x 320 x 295 mm (14.​3 x 12.​6 x 11.​6 in)