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Published By: The Toronto Star


Despite everything that’s been thrown at Canadian startups over the last two years — supply chain disruptions, inflation, worker shortages — many ventures are continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

Working on everything from welding robots to brain-sensing meditation guides, tech entrepreneurs from across the country share how they’ve navigated hurdles and what they’re excited about next:…

Soroush Karimzadeh is building a new workforce

The Vancouver-based Novarc Technologies creates automated welding solutions — robots that can help welders with rudimentary tasks.

Biggest challenge: “The pandemic. However, by applying the processes and methods we learned during the earlier years of building Novarc — cash flow management, team building and finding new ways to do our business — we managed to move through the pandemic with no negative impact.”

Latest development: “Growth. Since the establishment of Novarc in 2012 with three founders, the company has grown to more than 50 team members, more than doubling the number of team members over the last two years. The Novarc team now consists of engineers, data scientists, software developers, welders and robotic engineers.”

Will we all have robot coworkers one day? “I predict this will happen within the decade. Shrinking numbers of skilled and semi-skilled workers, and the resulting pressure on labour costs have challenged many traditional industries to look for alternative solutions. We’ve seen the application of robotic technology spread from the more traditional applications in mechanical assembly to food and beverage, electronics, was

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