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Kleeberg, a renowned industry leader with over 60 years of expertise, excels in a wide array of services ranging from sheet metal and mechanical services, to design-build projects and custom industrial fabrication. Their commitment to outstanding customer service and execution has been pivotal in their sustained success and growth.

Challenges: Enhancing Welding Consistency and Productivity

Kleeberg confronted challenges in sustaining uniform welding quality and efficiency, particularly in welding pipes ranging from 4-24 inches. These dimensions were critical in their diverse array of projects, involving complex systems like steam, chilled water, and hot water. Their objective was to enhance the consistency of their welds and amplify overall welding productivity while maintaining low repair rates.

Novarc's Solution: The Spool Welding Robot (SWR™)

In response to these challenges, Kleeberg partnered with Novarc Technologies and adopted the Spool Welding Robot (SWR™). The SWR is a welding cobot designed specifically for pipe, small pressure vessels, and other types of roll welding. Companies that have invested in the SWR have increased their pipe welding productivity to 200-350 diameter inches per shift on carbon steel pipes, and 569-998 diameter inches per shift on stainless steel, and have dropped their repair rate to less than 1%. This is making our customers more competitive when bidding on jobs, and it has increased margins on contracts they’ve already won.

Novarc’s robust support system, characterized by prompt responsiveness and comprehensive training, facilitated a smooth transition for Kleeberg’s operators, enabling them to master the SWR within a week.

With 95% of their welding now conducted using the SWR, Kleeberg has experienced a transformative shift in their welding processes. This advancement not only resolved their immediate challenges but also positioned them as a frontrunner in industrial efficiency and technological adoption.

Quantifiable Outcomes: Revolutionizing Welding Processes

Accelerated Project Completion

Kleeberg achieved a substantial reduction in project completion times. Specifically, they were able to complete welding tasks on 12-inch pipe joints in just 10 minutes, a significant improvement from their previous timelines.

Increase in Welding Productivity

The implementation of the SWR resulted in a remarkable increase in productivity, with over 250 FDI per shift, enhancing the speed by 3-4 times for pipes ranging from 8” to 14”.

Significant Weld Cost Savings

Kleeberg achieved substantial cost savings per weld, amounting to approximately $25 for smaller pipes (6-8 inches) and around $45 for larger pipes (12-14 inches), exclusive of the Novarc system’s cost.

Reduction in Labor Costs

A notable decrease in labor costs by 12-15% was achieved, underscoring the SWR’s operational efficiency.

Time Savings

Overall, the SWR contributed to a 12-15% time-saving in Kleeberg’s operations.

Setting New Industry Standards

The collaboration between Kleeberg and Novarc Technologies epitomizes the transformative power of innovative technological solutions in traditional industries. By successfully addressing key challenges and setting new benchmarks in welding productivity and quality, this partnership serves as a beacon of progress and a model for future advancements in the industry.