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No doubt, a collaborative welding robot is a game changer for any fabrication shop. While some benefits include becoming more competitive when bidding on jobs, and increased margins on contracts, many shops and welders do not understand the value it brings to the welders.

We have touched base on the current labor shortage across North America in recent posts. However, this collision of Spool Welding Robots (SWR) and a labor shortage is providing great opportunities for the welders out there to a bolster career experience, improve personal skills and land in fabrication shops who desperately need people to meet market demand and achieve business goals.

So, what is in it for the welders?

Welders have an opportunity to learn about and embrace advanced automation technology with human input…and this technology is only going to improve and become a bigger part of our work and life.  This process enables welders to produce faster, more efficiently and repeatable weld quality. What employer does not want this from their welders?

Welders obviously require a skill and understanding of their job, however no robotic programming skill is needed. In just a few minutes, a welder can learn and start using a welding robot and enhance their skills with software and the AI behind this technology.

Safety is always top of mind in shops and a welder who is collaborating with a SWR immediately reduces workplace danger. There is less exposure to welding fumes and heat, and hand and shoulder fatigue is eliminated ultimately supporting welder’s health and well being in both the short and long term.

Let’s connect and start the conversation and allow your fabrication shop to attract talent and become more efficient and profitable.