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The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of quality; a) degree of excellence, b) superiority in kind. Good decisions can propel the health of an organization forward, bringing new opportunities to support growth, attain business goals and create a competitive advantage in your pipe shop.

With a welding cobot for pipe fabrication, the most dangerous decision is often the “mediocre” one. If you make a bad buying decision and you’re a decent leader, you can likely course-correct, eventually. However, what is the cost of having to course-correct? It doesn’t happen over night and that can mean missing out on lost opportunity in a competitive market like building construction, ship building, oil & gas and other markets.

The wrong welding robot buying decision means not being competitive, increased costs, challenges managing workforce shortages and much-much more.

For companies with a pipe shop that are looking to beat their competition, it’s about how to maximize productivity and profitability for their customers. Quality Control Managers, Estimators, a Director or VP all must consider so much when making their important buying decision. Will their welding robot investment offer future capabilities? Support and service are key considerations too, does your partner excel in the eyes of their customers? A customer’s word is really what matters, right?

A return on investment and success is powered by a customer truly understanding quality and that runs deeper than the price tag. As an example, a dedicated focus on SWR development means a supplier isn’t diluted on other projects. A product that costs more can indicate higher quality of production products and customer support that is second to none. Good products and support cost money.

While there are a multitude of factors in the equation of quality, when you start adding up factors like these and running a financial analysis on your pipe shops efficiency, productivity, down time, quality of weld and business success…the perception of saving money up front usually means you’ll end up paying more in the long run. Remember that old saying, “pay now, or pay later”, it still holds true.

When choosing a technology partner, remove price as a primary consideration, focusing on quality and ROI? Nobody ever lost their job for making a buying decision that made operational and financial sense within a supporting cost analysis.

It’s time to connect and start the conversation about quality. What is your next step to winning more business?