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The following was originally published on Australian Manufacturing Technology  

The world’s first of its kind in pipe welding applications, the Spool Welding Robot, will be on demonstration at Australian Manufacturing Week

Novarc Technologies Inc. is a full-stack robotics company, specialising in the design and manufacturing of cobots and AI-based machine vision solutions for autonomous welding. Novarc will be bringing its Spool Welding Robot (SWR) – the world’s first of its kind in pipe welding applications, to Australian Manufacturing Week.

Visitors will be able to see first-hand how Novarc’s SWR increases productivity, delivering superior weld quality and improving welder ergonomics.

Novarc’s SWR helps fabricators needing to transition from manual welding to an automated solution, to significantly lower the cost of welding, while achieving superior weld quality. Being a ‘cobot’, Novarc’s SWR works alongside the human operator, allowing lower-skilled welders to work collaboratively with welding robots in the fabrication shop. The result is welding with greater precision, accuracy and speed, and a never-before-achieved balance of quality and productivity.

From a safety perspective, Novarc’s AI-driven welding control technology also delivers the lowest airborne, energy consumption, and metal waste during the fabrication process. Novarc’s full stack customised automation solution significantly reduces the welding duration as well: minimising the active arc time means less airborne emissions (CO2/CO/O3/metal pollutants) to the air; and, less energy consumption from external power sources.

Novarc’s automation system also reduces human exposure to all welding hazards: dangerous welding fumes such as manganese, hexavalent and chromium. This is achieved by allowing the welding operator to work several metres away from the welding arc as they don’t have to have their head physically in the direct welding fumes. Conventional manual welders work closer to the arc, and fumes enter their breathing zones. Novarc’s welding technology allows the operators to work remotely from the arc, and with the use of proper ventilation, most fumes can be eliminated.

This is especially key as Safe Work Australia recently announced that Work Health and Safety Ministers have agreed to an immediate reduction in the workplace exposure standard for welding fumes, from an eight-hour time-weighted average (TWA) of five mg/m3 to one mg/m3. As the exposure standard for welding fumes has been reduced, all necessary controls must be implemented to meet this higher standard and with Novarc’s solution, these new exposure standards will be easily achievable.