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The Spool Welding Robot (SWR) is a welding cobot designed specifically for pipe, small pressure vessel, and other types of roll welding. Companies that have invested in the SWR have increased their pipe welding productivity to 200-350 diameter inches per shift on carbon steel pipes, and 569-998 diameter inches per shift on stainless steel, and have dropped their repair rate to less than 1%. This is making our customers more competitive when bidding on jobs, and it has increased margins on contracts they’ve already won.

The SWR has the smallest footprint in the industry and when you combine our proprietary Welding Vision System with the insights provided from NovData™, you get a world-class solution that will make you more competitive in your market.

Texas is booming right now. There are some big projects at stake and the market is more competitive than ever. Our team will help you find a way to increase efficiency, production and get a competitive edge.

During these uncertain times with supply chain issues and bottlenecks for the oil & gas and construction industries. We can help pipe fabricators like you elevate your status by shortening your project timelines and delivering on projects swiftly.

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Spool Welding Robot Advantages

  • 3-5x improvement in carbon steel pipe welding productivity and up to 12x on stainless steel pipes
  • Less than 1% repair rates
  • Average ROI of 6-18 months
  • Accountability and Traceability for your QA/AC team through our Welding Vision System
  • Easy access to detailed operations reports through NovData
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Extend the careers of your welders

Spool Welding Robot at a Glance

Advanced Welding Features

  • Non-stop root to cap welding without the need to shut off the arc
  • Tack Fusion™, Root Save™ and Repeat Pass to accommodate tacks and fit-ups
  • Capable of welding stringers and multipass joints
  • Automatic Positioner Switch Assembly (APSA) switching the welding cable and voltage sensing lead between positioners automatically based on operators selection of positioner


  • Semi-automated seam tracking using a laser scanner with 0.3 mm accuracy (for carbon and stainless steel pipes up to 0.75” in thickness and more than 4” in diameter)
  • Automatic stick-out distance control (tip to pipe distance) with 0.1 mm accuracy

Collaborative Welding Robot (Welding Cobot)

  • Collaborates with a junior operator
  • Equipped with a powerful built-in safety system eliminating the need for hard fencing
  • No need for a special programming language to operate
  • Fast and easy set-up

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