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In order to consistently hit x-ray quality welds, technology and automation must be utilized. It’s also critical that pipe fab shops keep track of their welding performance pertaining to quality. By doing this, shops can see how quality can impact the bottom line. And, it’s not one-sided technology working in a silo that can achieve optimal long-term quality. It requires a mix of hardware and software that communicate and work with one another seamlessly.

In terms of weld data there are five critical parameters that come into play during the weld. These parameters should be adjusted based on the pipe size, schedule, and type of metal to achieve the optimal weld.

  • Wire Feed Speed – the speed at which the filler metal is fed into the arc which is directly correlated to the amperage output
  • Voltage – Dictates the arc length, which changes the amount of penetration into the weld joint and heat input.
  • Weave frequency – the rate at which the weave action occurs in hertz. This controls how the puddle flows into the joint.
  • Weave amplitude – the distance the weave axis covers during each weave cycle. This dictates how big weld puddle becomes and controls fusion along the edges of the weld
  • Speed – The speed at which the arc traverses across the surface of the pipe. Dictates a lot of things, penetration, deposition, heat input.

With technology, we have the ability to use exact weld parameters and view a clear video of the groove to assist in making the necessary corrections – in real-time – during the weld. The ability to view and record weld video will enable you to see where errors can occur. This video can then be analyzed in parallel with the weld data to get a clear picture of what’s required for accurate troubleshooting and to make consistent, x-ray quality welds over time. By understanding this, you’ll be on the same page with your QC/QA Manager.

At Novarc we’ve developed a software to easily provide visibility for welding performance. The NovSync™ dashboard helps you to track production and machine trends over time by giving you centralized and secure access to weld videos, daily reports and data logs. Novarc’s comprehensive production monitoring software, NovData™, brings further traceability into your production by automatically creating in-depth production reports for enhanced quality control practices with the log reports automatically generated for each weld.

Here is what our customers have to say:

“The quality side of it is definitely the data aspect; the ability to tie in the weld data and video logs with our BIM information was a very big bonus. Being able to go in and have that level of inspection is really not achievable with the conventional methods.”
– Wade Eno, CEO of RoboFab, Energy (Oil & Gas)

“We’re always looking for better tools, better means and methods. So we looked at a variety of mechanized and automatic weld equipment. It came down to a decision between Novarc and another pipe welding machine that we had seen at FABTECH. What made the Novarc machine stand out was the quality of the root pass, the laser and the technology…” – Mark Nastari, Quality Director, Harder Mechanical, Mechanical Contractor