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People naturally prefer stability and comfort, however change can be one of the most challenging paths an organizational takes. How can companies and people overcome change together, for the better?

Business process and restructuring how a fabrication shop needs to approach a competitive market can see some pushback from employees, but a little education on why and the benefits for welders will help them to welcome new technology.

Embracing Spool Welding Robot (SWR) technology will provide the company a significant leading edge in an increasingly competitive market. It’s an easy statement to share with your work peers, so the importance of explaining value to deliver projects faster and at a lower cost are part of what your team members must embrace too.

When SWR technology is implemented and embraced, companies realize productivity improvements of 200%, 300% and more. Shops can turn a 4.5 hour process to generate pipe joints into a 40 minute success story, saving time and money. How is this a positive for employees and the welders? At a high level, being more competitive means winning more business and that is a very healthy outcome for business longevity and long-term employment.

Welders also enhance their skills and capabilities by learning to work in partnership with technology and process automation. In many ways, they are future proofing their career path as the labor shortage industry wide will continue and the need for human collaboration will remain an essential part of this process.

Technology matters with HR professionals as well, and the welders who understand what a leading edge provides in a competitive market will appeal to HR professionals in a market where their new skills with automation and AI innovations help their resumes to the top of the pile.

Let’s connect and start the conversation and allow your fabrication shop to become more efficient and profitable.