Collaborative welding robot designed for process pipe welding

SWR inproduction

Spool Welding Robot

The Spool Welding Robot (SWR) is a collaborative welding machine designed specifically for pipe, small pressure vessel, and other types of roll welding. It is capable of welding flanges, Tees, elbows, reducers, and more.

By being a collaborative robot, the SWR can be operated by junior welders and therefore, is able to improve shop productivity and produce consistent high-quality welds every time.

The SWR is a fast and efficient welding solution capable of storing and quickly recounting weld data and videos for accurate shop analysis and quality control. 

pipe spool welding automation
Pneumatic Manipulator with Adjustable Height: Easily move the arm between joints within 15 ft of base // Approach a full range of pipes from 2” to 60” at different heights
Slender design & compact head: Only 2” clearance around the pipe is required
Easy-To-Use Human-Machine Interface (HMI) allows operator to: Select the pre-programmed welding procedure // Tune the weld and motion parameters // Get access to the pass tracking feature and see the graphical representation of weld joint build-up during the weld
A light and durable pendant. Operators easily start, stop and change motion and weld parameters. Includes: 6.5″ resistive touch screen // Hardwired safety rated E-stop // Easy-to-find rocker switches, push buttons and joystick
Power Source: Multiple power source options available
Laser Camera: Tracks the seam in real time – no prescan // Tracks the joint in XYZ axis (height, width, depth all adjusted automatically)
Novarc’s weld monitoring system
Three-axis robotic arm: Imitates all 1G welding motions // Moves torch up/down, left/right while creating weave motion

Conformité -Européenne

Complies with applicable European Community Directives  including European Directives for Safety of machinery (EN60204-1), electromagnetic compatibility (EN61000-6) and safety of collaborative robots (ISO 15066-2016).

Get the Novarc Spool Welding Robot (SWR) Advantage

Collaborative Welding Robot

  • Works with a junior operator
  • Equipped with a powerful built-in safety system eliminating the need for hard fencing
  • No need for special programming language to operate
  • Fast and easy set-up

Advanced Welding Features

  • Automatic root to cap welding without the need to shut off the arc
  • Tack Fusion™, Root Save™ and Repeat Pass to accommodate tacks and fit-ups
  • Capable of welding stringers and multipass joints

Small Footprint

  • Machine base and equipment require only a 4′ by 4′ area in the shop (vs. track mounted robots which need over 40′ by 10′ space)
  • Does not block forklift traffic or interfere with shop flow
  • Unique ability to weld joints on pipe spools up to 30′ long
  • Ability to integrate with more than 2 positioners
  • Easy integration with existing positioners


  • Semi-automated seam tracking using a laser scanner with 0.1 mm accuracy (for pipes up to 0.75” in thickness and more than 4” in diameter)
  • Automatic stick-out distance control (tip to pipe distance) with 0.1 mm accuracy
productivity options

Welding Vision System

Novarc SWR’s groundbreaking weld monitoring system,
has a camera built into the robotic arm which records each weld.

  • Operators get a clear view from inside the groove on the HMI as each weld progresses in real time.
  • Supervisors get videos of all welds to analyze in parallel with the weld parameters saved by NovData™ to improve weld quality.
  • Operators can clearly see the effects and changes of the
    Tack Fusion™ and Root Save™ features.



Novarc’s proprietary comprehensive production monitoring software, NovData™, gives you the insights you need to scale your operation profitably. It automatically creates all the reports you need:

  • Daily Operations Report (Operator name, number and sizes of pipes welded, job number, Welding Procedure Data Sheet; etc.)
  • Log Report (50 ms stamped values for voltage, current, WFS, travel speed, true energy and many other parameters; Operators name; Spool number; Work order; etc.)

Open Platform

  • Ability to integrate with more than 2 positioners
  • Easy integration with existing positioners
  • Choice of power source

Collaborative welding robot designed for high-mix low-volume production

Lower cost per weld

Consistent and repeatable root pass

SWR options

Lincoln Electric power source

Multiple Power Sources

  • Lincoln Power Wave® R450 Robotic
  • Miller Auto-Continuum™ 500
  • Fronius TPS 400i LSC Advanced
spool welding robot works with multiple positioners

Works with Multiple Positioners

  • The SWR can be integrated to work with multiple positioners, including Team positioners
  • Novarc can also supply one or more positioners based on your applications
maximize shielding gas use with electronic welding regulator

Maximize Shielding Gas Use with EWR

  • Saves shielding gas while providing better gas coverage
  • Reliable, defined and verifiable
  • Simple to install and works instantly


  • No need for welding helmets with Novarc’s welding hood
  • Easily and safely attaches to exhaust
  • Patent pending
indexing table

2D Indexing Table

  • Weld different patterns on flat surfaces and pipes
  • Hardfacing (ex. hardbanding), Alloy overlay (stainless, steel, nickel, etc.) applications
laser-assisted seam tracking

Laser Assisted Seam Tracking

  • Scansonic three-line laser
  • For pipes with less than 0.75″ (1.9cm) in thickness and more than 4″ (10cm) in diameter

Novarc Academy

At Novarc, we are committed to providing our customers with the best support and service, and that is why we created the “Novarc Academy”, which consists of over 20 training videos on our YouTube channel. Novarc Academy is exclusively available for our customers and partners. This library of videos provides an easy to follow, step-by-step explanation of how to operate, troubleshoot and maintain the Spool Welding Robot.

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