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Difficulty achieving consistent, high quality welds…it is a common challenge in fabrication shops that support businesses in energy, oil & gas, shipbuilding, offshore and heavy industrial contracting.

Every shop is evaluating how to improve the many aspects of their business and a great place to start is understanding what inconsistent welding results are doing to your business. With a labor shortage already impacting the welding industry, the spin-off of this challenge includes shops hiring lesser experienced welders simply to operate their business. The consistency in welds and over-all quality of work decreases as a result and is further complicated by employee turn over too.

Experiencing inconsistencies in final weld products can also be a result of human error on repetitive tasks. No matter what the reason for weld inconsistency in any shop, it directly impacts the bottom line in two critical ways.

First, the cost of doing business becomes higher with slower production as an output. A fabrication shop that experiences this reduction in productivity simply has higher operating costs, and that hurts your project margin.

Second, a shop is not competitive with inconsistency in the final weld products. A client you serve will see this, work can be rejected, and your business reputation can be damaged. Inconsistency means higher costs that ultimately can be the difference in winning a bid for new projects, or not.

It’s time to connect and start the conversation to figure out how to improve your shop weld consistency with a spool welding robot.