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Weld a 12 Inch XH Carbon Steel Pipe in 14.1 Minutes AND Achieve High Toughness Test Results Down to -50°F (-45°C).


SWR™+HyperFill® is a game-changing technology for companies that are looking to beat their competition. It is a highly efficient, fully integrated dual torch system that utilizes Lincoln Electric’s patent-pending twin-wire GMAW solution, HyperFill®, to maximize productivity and profitability for our customers. 

With the HyperFill® option, fabrication shops can expand the capabilities of their SWR™. The system increases heavy fabrication productivity by increasing weld deposition rates while delivering excellent weld quality.

It uses the Lincoln STT GMAW process on the root, and twin wire (HyperFill®) on fill and cap passes, and it can be used on carbon steel pressure process pipes or vessels with 0.5”-2.5” thickness and as low as 6” in diameter. The system also has the flexibility of using root to cap GMAW or seamlessly switching to FCAW or MCAW for the fill and cap passes.

What SWR™+HyperFill® Will Deliver to Your Shop

  • Achieve higher deposition rates and deposition efficiencies

  • Increase Factored Diameter Inches (FDI) to 350-500 per shift on carbon steel pipes

  • Meet ASME Section IX and B31.3 WPS qualification requirements

  • Achieve high toughness test results down to -50°F (-45°C)

Why SWR™+HyperFill® Matters to Your Business

  • Aggressively bid on new projects and increase margin on jobs you’ve already won

  • Lower your cost by reducing weld and material handling costs compared to using the sub-arc process

  • Streamline and simplify your production to increase efficiency and reduce costs

SWR™+HyperFill® Solution

  • Achieve deposition rates of 15lbs/hour or higher on fill and cap passes

  • Weld the root, fill and caps for up to 2.5” thick materials (and up to 60″ in pipe diameter) in the same welding cell using the SWR™

  • Flexibility to use GMAW or MCAW process on the root

  • Flexibility to use FCAW or MCAW process on the fill and caps instead of HyperFill® (with the right tip and drive rolls)

  • Flexibility to weld stainless steel with the second torch (with the right tip and drive rolls)

  • Eliminate the need for the hot pass common with manual or semi-automatic welding

  • Plus all the existing SWR™ features such as: Small footprint, integration with up to 5 positioners, assisted seam tracking and height control, Welding Vision system, NovData™, etc.

Ready to see the advantages for yourself?
Let our team prove it to you.