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Hands-free welding from root-to-cap. No operator intervention. Just set up the Spool Welding Robot (SWR), hit start, and move to set up another weld.

NovEye™ is Novarc’s smart vision and image processing system that integrates state-of-the-art AI algorithms with advanced robotic controls to fully automate the pipe welding process while increasing productivity and delivering X-ray quality welds. 

Using years of data collection and machine learning, this game changing software ties into the control system of the cobot and controls the weld pool the same way human welders would, allowing the boring, repetitive welds to be delegated to the robot.

NovEye™ At A Glance

Fully Automated Welding

Uninterrupted welding thanks to NovEye’s multi-pass & multi-layer autonomous welding system.

Real-time Vision Processing

Truly adaptive due to its complex sensory system, advanced real-time control based on AI, and powerful hardware.

X-Ray Quality

Engineered features and advanced AI to achieve consistent and high-quality welds, every single time.

How NovEye™ Works

NovEye™ evaluates the temporal and spatial welding parameters in real-time, allowing for immediate changes in the scene and welding process. It contains years of rigorous research, design, and development into a solution capable of observing and measuring the welding process, controlling motion parameters, and fine-tuning welding parameters throughout the entire welding process, from root to cap passes. Some of the selected features include:


Intelligent Multi-Pass Automatic Welding

NovEye™ is designed to do level four autonomy with its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. It delivers:


  • Seam tracking for multi-pass, multi-layer welding
  • Automatic tack detection
  • Fully automated root-to-cap weld to ensure complete penetration and eliminate blow through

Adaptive Welding Process Optimization

With the help of vision-based sensors and artificial intelligence, NovEye observes and adapts to real-world imperfections to address:


  • Part preparation and fit-up variations such as pipe misalignment and gap variations, weld puddle dynamics, and inherent welding process variables
  • Real-time measurement and control capability to adjust for optimal welding parameters

Advanced Sensory

NovEye™ achieves all this with its advanced sensory system,
which consists of:


  • Vision-based cameras capturing the arc and weld pool from different angles to ensure fully understanding the welding scene
  • Various sensors for accurate measurements of welding parameters
  • Sonic sensor listening to the welding process

Continuous Improvement

NovEye™ is engineered to be improved over time with the growth in the fleet size and the number of weld tasks. It learns from successful and failed welds and converts those data into better adaptation and less unpredictability during the welding process.

Over-the-air Upgrade

With the over-the-air software upgrade, you can start using NovEye™ with zero interruption to your existing production. Upgrades offer features which permanently enhance the overall performance or capabilities of the robot.

Powerful Computing Hardware

All of NovEye’s features run on best-in-class  computing hardware employing powerful processors powered by Intel® and Nvidia®. It is able to run the most computation intensive tasks today and adapt to new developments years down the road.

Interested in NovEye™?

Community Engagement

Novarc is committed to ongoing engagement with the data science and advanced control community, research and development centers and universities. If you are interested in working with the network of industry experts and on the best-in-class technology products that can change the lives of many, let’s work together.

Industry Collaboration

At Novarc we believe success is a collaborative effort that can be fostered by deepening ties between businesses. Collaborations allow us to bring business values to a handful of enterprise partners that want to have access to state-of-the-art technology well in advance by forming strategic and technical partnerships. If this sounds like your company, let’s get connected.

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