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Novarcs Team besteht aus Ingenieuren, Softwareentwicklern, Schweißern und Roboternarren (ja, solche gibt es) mit Spezialisierungen in der Automatisierungs- und Robotertechnik. Mit umfangreicher Erfahrung in der Roboterautomationsbranche bekommen wir unsere Inspiration von Ingenieurprojekten, die man früher als unmöglich abgeschrieben hat. Da wir bereits überall gearbeitet haben, angefangen von agilen Start-up-Unternehmen bis hin zu Großunternehmen, setzen wir auf Innovation, Zusammenarbeit und sinnvolle Verbesserungen..

soroush karimzadeh

Soroush Karimzadeh

CEO & Mitbegründer

Soroush is the CEO and Co-Founder of Novarc Technologies. Soroush has over 15 years of experience in the commercialization and product development of industrial automation, focusing on collaborative robotics, machine vision, machine learning and welding. Soroush holds an MBA in Strategy and Finance from the University of British Columbia and is a professional engineer as well as a CFA charterholder. He holds a Master of Applied Science in electrical engineering from the University of British Columbia and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Sharif University of Technology.

Sina Firouz


With 15 years of experience working in technical leadership roles, Sina has made significant contributions to renowned tech companies including Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), Amazon, and Uber. He has a proven track record in building, scaling, and supporting engineering and product teams, successfully delivering impactful products to millions of users. Sina earned a Doctorate degree from Stanford University and a Bachelor's degree from Sharif University, both in Electrical Engineering.

Haley Grewal

Haley Grewal


Haley is the Chief Financial Officer of Novarc. Haley has more than 12 years of experience working as a finance executive with early-stage startups to venture-backed scale-ups. Prior to Novarc, he was a founder at Upstation, where he focused on supporting dual-sided marketplaces, Industry 4.0, AgTech and direct-to-consumer startups. Haley holds a BBA in Finance and Accounting from Simon Fraser University and a CA designation from KPMG.

Arash Nejad


Arash is the Chief Revenue Officer of Novarc. Arash has more than 18 years of experience working in S&P 500 corporations, where he was responsible for global sales and strategic marketing. Prior to joining Novarc, Arash held senior roles at General Electric (GE) and Rockwell Automation. At GE, he was responsible for a $2B sales region and global $150M P&L. Most recently, Mr. Nejad led Motion Metrics, accomplishing a multi-million dollar outcome-based SaaS contract with one of the largest mining companies in the world. Nejad holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Calgary, an Advanced Executive Training Certificate from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a Certificate in Leadership Principles from Harvard Business School.

Rick Campbell

VP of Sales and Marketing

Rick is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Novarc. With over two decades of strategic selling and management experience across Marketing Tech, Customer Experience, Cyber Security, Telecoms and Business Intelligence, Rick brings a wealth of experience to our team. During his 20+ sales career, he’s carried quotas as a direct contributor and through channel management programs as well as lead and mentored sales teams in North America and Australia. For over 10-years his sales consulting company has specialized in coaching sales teams and executives at growth stage companies and he’s grown a reputation for authentically connecting with his customers. He believes that a combination of smart strategies and solid relationships drive sales, that the human connection is a key factor in success, and that ongoing support and communication is key to enabling our customers to succeed.

Jean-Michel Logan

VP Customer Success

Jean-Michel is the Vice President of Customer Success at Novarc. He started his career almost 20 years ago as a machinist in British Columbia. Over the years he returned to school to progressively grow his skill sets and grow as a professional as his interests expanded with his experience. Prior to joining Novarc, Jean-Michel was, amongst other things, Senior Project Manager for a Clean Energy company, in charge of the clean-energy portfolio for a large North American forestry company, maintenance supervisor of a large sawmill, owner and operator of a clothing company, and has provided training and consulting on Project Management skills and processes. Jean-Michel holds a Technologist Diploma from Camosun College, a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria, a Master's in Clean energy Research from the University of British Columbia, and is a registered Project Management Professional and Professional Engineer in British Columbia.

Dave Birkenheuer

Dave Birkenheuer

VP of Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Dave is the Vice President of Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Novarc. He has 20+ years experience in the High-Tech industry with senior leadership roles in operations and supply chain management. During that time, he has managed the manufacturing and supply chain operations for industrial, medical, military and consumer products in USA, Canada, China, Taiwan and Mexico along with B2B and D2C fulfillment and distribution channels in North America and Europe. Dave has served at large established companies along with helping early-stage companies scale the operations for growth.

Peter Yap

Peter Yap

VP Software

Peter has over two decades of experience in software and artificial intelligence across multiple industries. He has built and managed multiple software teams globally on high profile multi-million dollar projects. He has written research publications and international patents, and led successful commercial deployments from the prototype stage. His breadth of work includes video games, oil and gas simulations, indoor robots, trains and cars. His latest projects include autonomous lidar mapping of North America's largest railroad network with CN Railway, and building self-driving Cadillacs and Hummers with General Motors. He graduated from University of British Columbia with a BSc (Combined Honors) in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, and studied his PhD (Artificial Intelligence) at the University of Alberta.

Len Zapalowski

Len Zapalowski


Len has extensive entrepreneurial success in enterprise software, web infrastructure, robotics, AI, electronics, communications, printing, and clean tech. One of his key strengths is to conceive and implement transformative business, technology, product and marketing strategies. Len has an impressive record in discovering new markets, driving new revenue streams and successfully positioning companies for acquisition. Len held key executive positions as Senior Vice President of CRM Products/CDC Software Corp. (previously Pivotal Corp.), Senior Vice President of Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, CEO of Mazza Innovation and Executive in Residence at Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre. He’s a team builder with strong global networks in the entrepreneurial, angel and technology communities. Len graduated with a BSc and MSc from Imperial College, London.

Mahyar Asadi

VP Innovation

Mahyar is the Vice President of Innovation at Novarc. Before joining Novarc, Mahyar was the Advanced Engineering Manager at Applus Canada, providing innovation-based services focusing on cyber-manufacturing using computational modeling, machine learning, digital twins, IIoT, and simulation tools for welding production and welded products, including metal additive manufacturing.
Mahyar has a Ph.D. in Computational Weld Mechanics and more than 15 years of experience applying his knowledge to the automotive, aircraft, marine, medical devices, energy, oil & gas, and heavy machinery industries. He holds a Professional Engineering Licence, PMP certificate, IWE designation, ASME FFS, Digital Twins, and Machine Learning Certificates. He is also an adjunct professor in the Materials Department at the University of British Columbia, teaching a signature course on "Welding and Joining of Materials”.
Asadi's portfolio consists of more than 110 publications. He is the recipient of significant awards from IIW, CWB, ASME, and NSERC for innovative work and peer recognition.

novarc team ringo gonzalez

Ringo Gonzalez

Leiter des Bereichs Schweiß-Innovationen

Ringo Gonzalez ist der Leiter des Bereichs Schweiß-Innovationen bei Novarc und ein Schweiß- Technologe, Schweißberater und Schweißinstrukteur beim British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Ringo war international in verschiedenen Bereichen der Schweißtechnologie von Schiffsbau bis zur Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie, dem Militär und dem Privatsektor tätig. Er hat 2001 seine Tätigkeit als Schweißer begonnen und ist seit 2006 Schweißergeselle. Ringo besitzt eine „A-Level“-Lizenz vom Kwantlen University College und ein Provincial Instructor Diploma (PID) vom Vancouver Community College (VCC).

Melissa Bayanzadeh


Melissa ist die Marketingleiterin bei Novarc. Sie begann Ihre Karriere als Chemieingenieurin und war über vier Jahre in der Pharmaindustrie tätig. 2014 war sie Mitbegründerin von Pet Remedies Pharmaceuticals, einem Unternehmen für die Belieferung von Medikamenten an Tierkliniken in British Columbia. Nach dem Erwerb ihres MBA-Abschlusses verfolgte sie eine Marketingkarriere im Bereich Software und Technologie. Vor Norvarc war sie Marketingmanagerin bei Evident Point Software, einem weltweit führenden Anbieter von professionellen Lösungen für das digitale Verlagswesen, wo sie die Bereiche Markenidentität, soziale Medien und Inhaltsstrategie, bezahlte Medien, Partnerschaften, Einflussnehmer und Veranstaltungen leitete. Melissa besitzt einen Bachelor-Abschluss im Fachbereich Chemie- und Bioingenieurwesen und einen Master-Abschluss in Business Administration mit Spezialisierung in Marketing und Strategie von der University of British Columbia.

Reza Abdollahi

CTO & Mitbegründer

Reza ist Chief Technology Officer und Mitbegründer von Novarc. Vor seiner Arbeit bei Novarc war er 10 Jahre lang leitender Ingenieur bei einem Roboterschweißunternehmen namens Roboweld mit Sitz in Vancouver, wo er stationäre Automations- und robotergesteuerte Lösungen entwarf und konstruierte. Vor Roboweld war er Geschäftsführer und leitender Ingenieur bei Part Mashad, wo er automatisierte Maschinen für unterschiedliche Branchen entwarf und konstruierte. Er ist ausgebildeter Maschinenbauingenieur mit umfangreicher Erfahrung bezüglich des vollständigen Lebenszyklus des Design- und Fertigungprozesses. Reza hat erfolgreich einen Bachelor of Applied Science mit Schwerpunkt mechanisches Ingenieurwesen an der Ferdowsi University of Mashhad abgeschlossen.

Cassandra Chan

Director of Supply Chain

Cassy ist die Supply-Chain-Leiterin & Programm-Managerin bei Novarc. Sie begann Ihre Karriere bei BlackBerry und Contigo Systems im Bereich Produktprüfung und -qualifizierung. Bevor sie bei Novarc beitrat, gehörte sie zum Team von Recon Instruments, dem Erfinder des ersten tragbaren „Heads-up- Display“ für Action-Sportarten der Welt, anfangs als Junior-Hardwareentwicklerin und stieg dann auf zur Produktions- und Produktkonformitätsspezialistin. 2015 wurde Recon Instruments von Intel Corporation übernommen, und Cassy setzte ihre Karriere als Engineering-Programm-Managerin und Produktkonformitätsspezialistin fort, wobei sie Herstellungsanforderungen, Fertigungsanlagen und Produktkonformität des Recon Jets und Zubehör managte. Cassy besitzt einen Bachelor-Abschluss im Fachbereich biomedizinische elektrische Energietechnik von der University of British Columbia.

Ahmad Ashoori

Leiter von Robotik

Ahmad is the Director of Robotics at Novarc. He started his career as an automation engineer developing PLC and HMI programs in automotive industry, and has more than 8 years of experience in design, commissioning, and robot programming. Prior to Novarc, he founded a startup technology company creating a medical device to assess and quantify Parkinson’s disease severity. Ahmad has successfully completed Fanuc robot programming and industrial system electrical design. He is registered as Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and is also a Functional Safety Engineer (TÜV Rheinland). He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tehran and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Christine Hartmann

People and Culture Manager

Christine has over 15 years of HR and operations experience having worked in both small entrepreneurial companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Having started a successful business at 14 years old; she was able to earn Bachelor’s degree in both Business Administration and Strategy and Risk. Christine then moved into Operations Optimization consulting where she worked with a variety of small and large businesses to improve processes and profitability; while completing her MBA. In 2019, she transitioned into leadership development coaching and HR. Her focus at Novarc includes creating a great work culture and helping our Novarcians achieve their goals.

Amin Ghasemazar

Amin Ghasemazar

Product Manager

Amin is the Product Manager for NovEye™ and NovSync™ at Novarc. He has more than 12 years of research and engineering experience in a variety of topics including artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotics. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of British Columbia (UBC) where he published numerous articles on topics including efficient execution of AI applications on edge devices. Before joining Novarc, Amin has worked closely with several technology startups developing hardware and software solutions. He is also an adjunct professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the UBC, teaching computer science courses.