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The customer voice says it all, there is no better product advertising, promotion or endorsement than what an actual customer can say. On their Spool Welding Robot from Novarc Technologies, “We did look at a couple of other options, but they were very minor improvements on current technologies. The Novarc product offered a complete further step”.

Seaspan’s Drydock located on the West Coast of North America, provides a full range of quality repair services and understands the importance of delivering vessels on time and on budget. Facilities include two Lloyds registered floating dry-docks and alongside pier space, a heavy machine shop with two 40-ton overhead traveling cranes and lathes, capable of handling shafts up to 18 meters (50 feet).

The need to be more efficient, deliver projects quickly and at a lower cost, is important and new regulations mandated by the International Marine Organization (IMO) have resulted in many new system installations that will require implementation over the next five to 10 years.

The Solution – Seaspan Drydock was looking to find a technology that offered both productivity and quality improvements for pipe fabrication when they came across Novarc’s Spool Welding Robot (SWR). With no programming knowledge required, the collaborative Spool Welding Robot works with a human operator to weld from root to cap automatically without the need to shut off the arc, and delivers consistent high-quality welds, every time. Now, welders are able to generate pipe joints in about an average of 40 minutes, a job that used to take four and a half hours.

Need more proof from actual customers? More case studies are here. It’s time to connect and start the conversation.