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Spool Welding Robot Semi-Automates the Pipe Spool Manufacturing Process

Novarc Technologies’s patent-pending Spool Welding Robot is a collaborative welding robot designed for 1G pipe welding. The robot increases arc-on time, reduces defects, and improves weld quality by combining operator’s knowledge and mobility with the robot’s repeatability to mechanize the pipe spool manufacturing process.
The result leads to increased productivity and lower costs for pipe-fabrication shops. The robot has a 4.5-metre reach, a minimum set up time of three minutes per weld, a 2.4-metre x 1.2-metre footprint, an ability to work with existing positioners, weld monitoring and quality assurance via camera, automatic distance control, and laser-assisted seam tracking. It also has a custom made user-friendly pendant. This collaborative robot combines operator’s cognition and mobility with robotic repeatability to mechanize the pipe spool manufacturing process
Thank you APEG for including Novarc in the 2015/2016 project highlights!