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Travel is slowly opening up again, and we will be at FABTECH this September!

Novarc will be there to impress, in this industry showcase where you can learn about the latest products and developments, and find the tools to improve your shop productivity in the fabrication industry.

While the socializing, connecting, dinners and drinks are a great time, one of your priority goals should be to learn more about the SWR+HyperFill. We will have the robot there to offer live demos and that hands-on experience to show you the quality and simplicity of the game changing technology, book your demo now.

So, why should SWR+HyperFill matter to your business? It is a truly impactful product that will allow your shop to aggressively bid on new projects and increase margin on jobs you’ve already won too. Our customers lower their business costs by reducing weld and material handling costs compared to using the sub-arc process, and this means a streamlined approach to your work process and a simplified path to production and increased efficiency.

When you start to improve the little things like lower costs by reducing weld and material handling costs, a smaller footprint in a shop, integration with up to 5 positioners and assisted seam tracking and height control, all of a sudden a shop realizes the productivity & profitability that will make a difference in their highly competitive market.

Let’s connect and start the conversation around connecting at FABTECH and set up a live demo of our game changing SWR+HyperFill.