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Why would a collaborative welding robot be right for your pipe shop? The great news is, today a cobot is fast and easy set-up. That matters, especially if you need to be agile and support quickly evolving industries like oil & gas, shipbuilding or construction.

However, easy to set up isn’t enough. Advanced welding features are required and can include automatic root to cap welding without the need to shut off the arc, and with a small footprint, a machine base and equipment now only require only a 4′ by 4′ area in the shop vs. track mounted robots which need over 40′ by 10′ space. That is a significant difference.

Add a weld monitoring system that has a camera built into the robotic arm which records each weld, and we are now into some pretty cool groundbreaking territory that can make a difference in your operations and winning new business. Management can now record every weld, with the key weld parameters on the video. Your operators get a clear view from inside the groove on the HMI as each weld progresses in real-time. Supervisors get videos of all welds to analyze in parallel with the weld parameters saved to improve weld quality.

The final piece of the puzzle is brought together with a comprehensive production monitoring software, bringing traceability and accountability into your production. It automatically creates the in-depth reports you need for accurate troubleshooting and enhanced quality control practices.

How will you determine what spool welding robot is right for you?