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Pipe welding shops want to win more business, but many are unsure of taking the next step financially, or operationally. With a changing economy, especially over the last year, and labor concerns becoming more present, pipe fabrication or manufacturing shops typically have a thought that is top-of-mind over the last couple years; if we invest in a collaborative welding robot is there enough benefit to realize a return on investment (ROI)?

Let’s look at three ways pipe shops are benefiting.

Increased Productivity: From labor shortages to an average welder producing less by the hour manually, the productivity benefits of a cobot now make operational and financial sense, especially when your pipe welding robot can produce results at three to five times the rate of manual welding. Elevated productivity can deliver a higher weld quality and cleanliness too, requires only a minimal 4’by 4’ footprint and reduces dependency on highly skilled pipe welders.

Data: Data is the new gold. You can’t manage what you don’t measure and today a cobot can capture weld data to improve performance, tweaking and optimize their programming over time. You can even utilize step-by-step guides with the essential information to start using metrics to help make smart decisions and identify opportunities for long-term savings.

ROI: Save money and save time, that is the focus of almost all shops today. A cobot can increase pipe welding productivity  by 3-5X. The benefit of utilizing employees or welders to more value-added tasks can be a result. Output, quality of work and reducing the amount raw materials wasted are only a few ways your return on investment can be demonstrated and calculated.

At the end of the day, it’s about winning more new business and that is a return on investment you simply can not ignore any more.

It’s time to connect and start the conversation. What is your next step to winning more business and do you want to discuss more benefits?