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Manufacturing shop managers need to optimize welding capacity on demand and improve their bottom line.

With this in mind and by working closely with manufacturing shops struggling to automate the pipe spool welding process, Novarc engineers developed the SWR, the World’s First Collaborative Welding Robot.

Pipe shops were frustrated by the lack of industry innovation and believed that conventional six-axis robots weren’t feasible for pipe welding, and that robots on rails were too limiting and too expensive.

Then our Novarc engineers got to work! Over the next 10 years, we mastered the design and creation of a robot whose precision and dexterity matches the exact needs of pipe shops to get the job (and welds!) done.


Benefits of the SWR:
  • Welds pipe spools up to 30 ft long – and in a variety of different positions
  • Increases overall weld cleanliness using mechanized motion
  • Equipped with a powerful built-in safety system eliminating the need for hard fencing
  • Can track joints using the laser-assisted distance control and seam tracking
  • Needs only a small shop footprint (4’ by 4’), yet accommodates forklifts, cranes and busy shop traffic
  • Accurately logs all weld and motion data

Contact us for pricing information and financing options.

Improve Your Bottom Line
  • See 400% increase in productivity (vs. SMAW)
  • Deliver 90% arc-on time
  • Get a 75% lower cost per joint
  • Increase production capacity by 50% (vs. root to cap semi-automatic GMAW)
  • Accomplish 30% faster travel speeds (vs. root to cap semi-automatic GMAW)
Optimize Welding Capacity on Demand
  • Collect and preserve weld data to improve robot performance
  • Reduce dependency on scarce, highly-skilled pipe welders
  • Scale up quickly by easily training intermediate welders
  • Increase capacity quickly through fast deployment
  • Operational in just 4 days with simple 2-day installation and training
Scalable and Repeatable Artisan Quality
  • Deliver consistent high quality welds every time
  • Meet key quality test requirements such as Radiography test, Charpy Impact test, Hardness test, Bend test, Tensile test, and more
  • Choose between Fast (single pass) or Ludicrous Fast, using pre-programmed multi-pass welds
  • Full control on the interpass quality
  • Achieve defect rates lower than 1%
  • Meet the requirements of ASME B31.1 and B31.3

SWR is an affordable investment with payback in less than 6 months (compared to SMAW). Contact us to learn about our financing options.

We needed a versatile system that could fit into our welding lab and allow pipes to be welded, and include the option for plate welding as well as overlay/cladding capabilities. Novarc’s SWR system met all of our requirements, and their team was extremely helpful in providing the support we required during the testing and evaluation period. We also found Novarc’s collaborative robot to be extremely intuitive to operate and the entire project was a great success.

CanmetMATERIALS (CMAT)Hamilton, ON | Natural Resources Canada

The Ballast Water Treatment system was installed with the assistance of state-of-the-art robotic pipe welding machines developed by Novarc Technologies, a North Vancouver-based company. Using advanced control techniques, these cutting-edge, collaborative robotic systems - which will be used across Seaspan’s shipyards in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island - allow pipe welding tasks to be done dramatically more effectively and efficiently.

Seaspan’s Vancouver Drydock Company Ltd.North Vancouver, BC

We were introduced to Novarc Technologies in June 2014. Since then we have been working closely with their team and helping them integrate their robot with our Power Wave R500 welding power source ... The SWR could have a significant impact on the pipe fabrication process industry due to the shortage of trained pipe welders in a growing market. This market is currently comprised of over 10,000 pipe welding shops globally.

Michael Morgan GM: Automation | Lincoln Electric Company of Canada

Since I am a welder, I know pretty well what somebody can get out of an 8 hour day;
I think we can triple that with the SWR!

Shop Superintendent

The SWR would be my choice because it really takes all the hard work away from welding... I feel pretty comfortable using it. The support is great, a lot of help throughout. From the start they (Novarc’s team) have been there for everything.

Welder (Second year apprentice)

Once you get it dialed in, it’s the same weld every time with the same quality and con-
sistency. It (the SWR) is head over heels better than manual welding; more efficient, more production and like I said, the quality is amazing.


It’s a game-changer, and it’s welder friendly. We just have to figure out how to feed
the machine faster.