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Experience Enhanced Speed & Precision With SWR-TIPTIG

2.6 X Increase In Weld Deposition Rate

With the smallest footprint in the industry, the SWR-TIPTIG is a cobot designed specifically for pipe, pressure vessel, and roll welding applications using the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW or TIG) process. This system pushes the limits of TIG welding to new heights using the advanced TIPTIG system, enhancing both speed and precision far beyond conventional standards. The SWR-TIPTIG not only significantly boosts productivity but also distinctly sets your operations above the competition in a demanding market.


  • Up to 60% Cost Savings: Drastically reduce welding costs, enhancing your bottom line.

  • Higher Deposition Rates: Achieve up to 4 lbs/hour, far surpassing conventional TIG systems.

  • Up to 300% Increase in Travel Speeds: Complete projects faster with increased travel speeds.

  • Highest Quality Welds: Meet and exceed industry standards for weld quality.

  • Minimal Spatter: Cleaner work environment with reduced post-weld cleanup.

  • Patented TIPTIG Feeding System: Innovative design for impeccable weld quality.

Industries Benefiting From SWR-TIPTIG

Aerospace . Food & Beverage . Mining and Minerals . Oil & Gas . Pharmaceutical . Power Generation . Shipbuilding . Chemical Processing . Water Treatment & Desalination

Ready to see the advantages for yourself?
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