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Control brings vision and control to your articulated robotic and cobots. This robotic vision system further increases the ROI of your automated welding cell by integrating the human expertise to the weld for complex weld scenarios that requires adjustment during the weld.




Get Ahead of Fit-Up Variations!

The NovAI Control system enables operators to finally take charge of variations and tackle them while the weld is happening to produce high-quality welds at high throughput with reduced risk of defects.

Combat the shortage of skilled welders and robot programmers.
Increase robot utilization and speed up manufacturing.
Eliminate dependency on tight fit-up requirements and fixturing.


NovAI control system comes with control, software, and weld logic to help the weld operator take control of the variations and tackle them while the weld is happening.

Seam Tracking

Tack Adaptation

Fit-Up Adaptation


NovAI dramatically extends the utility of arc welding robots, cobots and mechanized welders. Handles any variations in part fit-up, ensuring consistent, high-quality welds every time. Contact us today to learn more about how it can transform your welding automation.

At Novarc we believe success is a collaborative effort that can be fostered by deepening ties between businesses.

Collaborations allow us to bring business values to a handful of enterprise partners that want to have access to state of the art technology well in advance by forming strategic and technical partnerships.

The future of automated welding technology is here.
With our advanced vision and AI system, you can achieve consistent and high-quality welds while improving safety, productivity, and efficiency.