Adaptive Welding

Experience the full power of AI and robotic vision in automated welding

Solve your part and fit-up variations challenges

Ditch time-consuming and error-prone pre-scanning and robotic programming

Combat the shortage of skilled welders and robotic programmers

NovAI brings vision and cognition to your articulated robotic and mechanized welders. This revolutionary AI-powered robotic vision system further increases the ROI of automated welding and automates tasks that could not be automated before.

Harvest the benefits of digital perception and intelligence in your automated welding cells.


Higher Throughput

Reduced Rework and Repair Cost

Better Weld Quality

Traceability and Tracking of Every Weld

Improved Human Safety


Intelligent Adaptive Welding

Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, NovAI delivers best in class seam tracking, tack and gap adaptation for multi-pass, multi-layer welding.

Continuous Improvement

NovAI is engineered to convert weld data into continuingly improving ML models to achieve higher accuracy in different scenarios.

Scalable Solution

Universally applicable solution that can be used with different types of welding robots, welding processes, and deployment scenarios in various industries.


NovAI dramatically extends the utility of arc welding robots, cobots and mechanized welders. Handles any variations in part fit-up, ensuring consistent, high-quality welds every time. Contact us today to learn more about how it can transform your welding automation.

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By staying true to our core value “Customers First”, we believe in building our welding solutions with our customers and for our customers.

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At Novarc we believe success is a collaborative effort that can be fostered by deepening ties between businesses.

Collaborations allow us to bring business values to a handful of enterprise partners that want to have access to state of the art technology well in advance by forming strategic and technical partnerships.

The future of automated welding technology is here. With our advanced vision and AI system, you can achieve consistent and high-quality welds while improving safety, productivity, and efficiency.

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