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Pipe fabrication businesses are looking at ways to get ahead of their competition. The four aspects that frequently come up are: Productivity, Quality, Profitability and People.

The information in this guide was compiled directly from real data and experts ranging from: welders, welding technologists, QA / QC managers, shop foremen, GMs, principals and owners of successful fabricators.

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This guide will cover the following topics:



  • Increase Production – Uncover industry standard productivity numbers and how to increase these numbers up to 5x for carbon steel and 12x for stainless steel pipes
  • Shop Flow and Floor Space Optimization – Is your shop layout and personnel prepped for smooth operations? We will break down steps you can take to optimize how each station interacts with each other with simple tips to help speed up production around the shop


  • Improve Repair Rates – Industry standard repair rates on pipes are around 5%. Discover how you can dramatically impact your bottom line by lowering repair rates to under 1%
  • Using Tech and Data For Quality – What goes into making the perfect x-ray quality weld? We will break down the most critical weld parameters and data collection strategies to improve real-time and long-term weld quality


  • Bidding Process and Improving Margins – Pipe fabrication is growing year over year, but competition is also growing. Discover how to improve margins on projects and how to go after bigger projects by standing out in the bidding process.
  • Technology Adoption – Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the importance of integrating technology in your shop and how to ensure that integration is seamless.


  • Labor Savings – We are in the middle of a welder shortage crisis and it’s only going to get worse in the coming years. Understand the importance of utilizing your best welders for the right tasks and how you can improve your bottom-line with labor savings
  • Welder Safety – This is a people business and welding is a difficult task. It’s important that all fabrication shops understand the many health risks welders face and the actions that can be taken to limit exposure to protect their people and their business.