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Humans and machines have collaborated since cars were invented. Robots-as-tools came later and revolutionized industries such as medical surgery, where human knowledge is married to the precision of robots. In the past 10 years, collaborative robots have been used extensively in the manufacturing sector; to very promising results.

Now collaborative robots are forming the future of pipe welding given that they’re reliable, minimize shop’s liability and retain valuable knowledge capital.

Steady hands

Each and every one of us has gone to work sick, or after a night out, because to the surprise of no one, humans occasionally make mistakes and poor decisions. And that’s when poor quality welds or injuries can happen. With a collaborative robot companion, there’s less risk of error because the robot is performing the difficult, repetitive manual work.

Lending a robotic hand

By dramatically improving the ergonomics of welding, you’re giving your welders the opportunity to focus on their welds. Automated welding with collaborative robots retains the soul of welding, while reducing welder’s exposure to hand fatigue, fumes, heat and UV hazards. Workplace safety measures are meant to be followed, however, moving your welders away from the source of hazards and possible injury is a tangible solution to tougher workplace safety requirements and long term hazards of welding which results in lower insurance premiums and a happier workforce.

Perfect memory

Since most of us can barely remember what we had for lunch yesterday, it’s a relief to have a collaborative robot capture and store welding data. Big data has been improving the manufacturing industry by giving shop owners additional visibility and insight into their production lines. Another benefit is that your unique trade secrets and welding knowledge capital stays in your shop’s machine and doesn’t walk out the door during booms and busts of the economy.

Industrial welding robots are on course to change the face of the pipe welding industry – are you ready?