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Today, a welding fabrication shop simply must be more competitive and bring their “A-Game” to the table, to succeed and differentiate against their competition.

However, the conversation has really changed in the last few years, from product driven to value driven. Within the conversation of value, a shop that is competing for business needs to dive deeper and clearly display to their prospects how to maximize productivity, improve quality and drive profitability in their market.

As an example, SWR+HyperFill is a game-changing technology for welding and fabrication shops that are looking to beat their competition and win more business! The big question these shops need to ask themselves: “do we want to compete?”

Assuming the answer is yes and a shop wants to compete, they can now take a value based selling approach when they have the right robotic welding solution in place and not only communicate what features they offer to the prospect, but more importantly the worth of their over-all solution. This resonates with todays sophisticated buyers and procurement leaders.

A modern-day buyer who your shop is trying to close business with is in need, for you to really show them how much your product will help them achieve whatever their goals may be. Your shop must think about selling an outcome and not a product. With the right game changing welding automation technology your job gets easier, it empowers you to sell value and be more competitive.

How will you differentiate your shop to win more business? Let’s start that conversation today.