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The following is an excerpt on Fabricating & Metalworking written by Joel Armstrong

Novarc’s new SWR-TIPTIG welding system transforms the TIG welding experience.

Fabricators, metalworkers and contract manufacturers have an exciting new solution to maximize productivity. Just launched, Novarc’s innovative first-of-its-kind Spool Welding Robot (SWR)-TIPTIG empowers operators to obtain the highest quality welds with speeds two to three times faster than manual TIG welding (tungsten inert gas or gas tungsten arc welding – GTAW), while maintaining the highest standards of weld integrity and precision.

Novarc enhances TIG welding by using the advanced TIPTIG system, enabling greater speed and precision, and significantly boosting productivity.

From an ergonomic perspective, welders also benefit, as Novarc’s SWR-TIPTIG eliminates welder fatigue as the robot takes on the heavy lifting. In fact, the SWR-TIPTIG allows a non TIG welder to make TIG quality welds, as the SWR-TIPTIG system reduces the skill level required for welding, making it accessible to a wider range of operators, without sacrificing quality. As well, because of the nature of the SWR system, the operator is removed from the weld area, reducing the exposure to weld fumes, radiant heat and muscle fatigue.

Novarc’s SWR-TIPTIG can be used in a number of industries: aerospace, food & beverage, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, power generation, shipbuilding, chemical processing, and water treatment & desalination. Fabricators and contract manufacturers serving these industries are in a pressed position of facing a lack of skilled labor and the limited productivity of manual labor.

The benefits that are offered by Novarc’s welding automation solution in terms of productivity, as well as the health and safety of workers, have been key in the adoption of cobots and now Novarc’s recently launched SWR-TIPTIG.

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