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One of the most common questions we get regarding the Spool Welding Robot (SWR) is how much maintenance it requires. The SWR is designed to be a robust machine; as a result, it requires minimal maintenance. Properly taking care of the SWR does not require a great deal of effort, and it will save you time and money in the long run in robot longevity and performance. The maintenance training is included with the robot training, and no outside service is required to sustain the machine.

Here are three main tips for the maintenance of the SWR:

  1. Operator training

When the SWR is installed, the operators go through training for 3-5 days. This training period is to educate the workers on both operations and maintenance (the operators working with the SWR are required to know the basics of welding and have some welding experience). The operator training program can take place at Novarc Technologies or at customer’s site when the SWR is installed.

At the time of installation, a maintenance checklist will be provided for machine operators to inform them on what needs to be inspected and when. The checklist needs to be reviewed regularly for preventive maintenance and to ensure high performance of the SWR.

  1. Keep the machine and its parts clean, and check for signs of wear

The working parts need to be inspected and cleaned regularly to make sure they are in good condition and free of contamination; the parts need to be checked for dirt, dust, and spatters and replaced if necessary.

The SWR and its parts also need to be checked frequently for wear and damage. If a part needs to be replaced, it can be ordered through our support team at Novarc Technologies.

  1. Have a maintenance and repair schedule

It is important to have routine inspections, machine cleaning, and parts replacement in order to ensure proper operation and maximize the life-span of the SWR. An effective program involves a periodic inspection schedule and keeping good records of it.

Please refer to the table below for the detailed maintenance checklist:

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