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If a SWR vendor walks into your fabrication shop and tries to sell you a spool welding robot, they better be able to differentiate and offer you some compelling reasons why you should buy their product.

Today, businesses in energy, oil & gas, shipbuilding, offshore and heavy industrial contracting need to ensure their purchases are sound investments in highly efficient solutions to maximize productivity and profitability.

Let’s talk about three critical deliverables a SWR must offer that will impact your business. First, it must achieve higher deposition rates and deposition efficiencies. The amount of filler metal melted into the weld joint needs to be improved, ease of use and the right SWR can result in an increase of up to 50%. Second, an SWR must meet ASME Section IX and B31.3 WPS qualification requirements, endorsing four areas of; material and design, fabrication, inspection, and qualification. Third, your new SWR must increase weld factored diameter inches (FDI) to 350-500 per shift on carbon steel pipes, which will measure of the amount of welding labor required more accurately.

With these critical deliverables set and in place at your shop, there are now three ways your business will be impacted. First, it will allow you to aggressively bid on new projects and increase margin on jobs you’ve already won. Second, your shop will lower costs by reducing weld and material handling costs compared to using the sub-arc process. Third, you end up streamlining and simplifying your production to increase efficiency and reduce costs. All this added up is simply smart business.

Let’s connect and start the conversation and allow your fabrication shop to become more efficient and profitable.