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A weld monitoring and control system leverages the technology for use on the shop floor.

By Abbe Miller, editor-in-chief

Published by the Welding Productivity, Feb 2022

For years now, artificial intelligence (AI) has been working behind the scenes to improve the everyday lives of people. Based on the data it collects, AI can recommend what to watch next on Netflix and can suggest spellings for that word that we just can’t get right. It also lets us know when to take a different route home because of a car accident or bad weather conditions and even knows when to flag abnormal credit card spending to stop cyber thieves in their tracks.  

In the future, AI will be enhanced to facilitate autonomous cars and will be able to gauge the emotions of students through facial expressions to determine areas where they may be struggling. It will also be leveraged to diagnose diseases in patients faster and with more accuracy. And, as has already been seen in the manufacturing industry, AI-powered robots will take on the dangerous and monotonous tasks that humans would prefer not to do.  

An exciting example of that can be seen in Novarc’s NovEye™ weld monitoring and control software. Powered by AI, NovEye is a powerful welding system that helps arc welding robots adapt to welding and soon perform defect detection in real time. 

Not only does it improve quality and productivity, it has the potential to bring more individuals into the manufacturing industry. The technology is of more interest to younger generations that might not be inclined to do the physically demanding work welding jobs traditionally require. It also creates opportunities for technicians, developers and engineers to join the industry and continue to improve the way AI is utilized in manufacturing operations around the world.

Machine Intelligence 

Just like any other non-manufacturing AI system, NovEye’s ability to monitor and make real-time corrections to the welding operation is based on years of data collection and machine learning. Soroush Karimzadeh, the co-founder and CEO of Novarc Technologies, explains how the technology arrived to where it is today. Read More…