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Weld Connect – June 2022
by Weld Australia

Innovative welding automation technologies, like Novarc’s SWR+HyperFill, are modernising historic welding practices, allowing pipe fabrication shops to realise higher performance and productivity, while improving their bottom line.

SWR+HyperFill was launched after extensive independent research on welding productivity, costs, quality and efficiencies, which found that substantial productivity improvements in deposition rate, deposition efficiency, and duty cycle, compared to the baseline processes, were consistently achieved.

Essentially, Novarc’s SWR+HyperFill option expands the capabilities of the company’s collaborative Spool Welding Robot (SWR) designed to collaborate with operators to automate the pipe welding process.

SWR+HyperFill is a highly efficient, fully-integrated dual torch system that uses Lincoln Electric’s patented twin-wire GMAW solution, HyperFill, to maximise productivity and profitability allowing fabrication shops to expand the capabilities of the SWR. The system increases heavy fabrication productivity by increasing weld deposition rates while delivering excellent weld quality.

SWR+HyperFill uses the Lincoln STT GMAW process on the root, and twin wire (HyperFill) on fill and cap passes, and it can be used on carbon steel pressure pipes or vessels with 0.5” – 2” thickness and as low as 6” in diameter. The system also has the flexibility of using root to cap GMAW or seamlessly switching to FCAW or MCAW for the fill and cap passes.

Pipe fabrication shops using Novarc’s technology see production increases of up to 12x for stainless steel and 5x for carbon steel.

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