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In a shipyard or any other welding fabrication facility, the need to be more efficient, deliver projects quickly and at a lower cost, is remains important. However, workplace health and wellness is equally as important too.

There is a strong connection between the health and well-being, especially in pipe fabrication shops which can take a physical toll. When people feel valued, respected and work in safe & healthy environments, they are more likely to be more productive and committed to their work. Have you ever considered what impact a Spool Welding Robot (SWR) could have on your shop?

The right SWR will have an impact and will affect workers productivity and commitment to their work. A major advantage that the SWR has provided the Vancouver Drydock has been the ergonomics of the machine for the operators. “It is far better than any of the solutions in the traditional methods. There has been a lot less impact on the welders’ bodies and therefore their overall health. They are able to be productive for most of the day rather than needing to take breaks frequently because they have been in difficult positions welding. They used to spend all day with their head down looking at something as they were welding, and now they are spending all day standing up with their head looking straight ahead. It’s far more comfortable. And most importantly, no more welder neck pain,” says Hebson of Seaspan.

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